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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bird Nests in Ventilation Holes !!!

If you do not cover those ventilation holes properly those wild birds, not swiftlet, will make their nest in them.

This is something that is not encouraged. They will messed up your BH, internals, and totally block those air from entering the BH.

I was in Merlimau Melaka for a visit to a newly built BH in an agricultural land.

The house was pretty new and set in operation for only three weeks.

While conducting my inspection I saw a trash on the floor just below one of the PVC pipe used to divert those bright lights to the floor.

I told the owner those Mynah mush have occupied the hole.

He quickly pull the grass and suddenly three green color eggs were on the floor.

This is something that you need to avoid. The hole must be properly covered with something which will prevent those birds and will not rust. I normally recommend the use of those sieves that you use in your toilet which are made of plastic.

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