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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Young Swiftlets Loves Tweeters !!!!

"As long as you play the right internal sound and the right volume the young birds will cling to the tweeters."

I remember one of my Sifu pushing a strong point to me some time ago.

Main reason being they wanted to feel very secured and peaceful.

Those sounds are something like telling them that there are lots of babies and other residents in this BH so there is nothing wrong for you to make this BH your house.

How close will they stays with the tweeters?

Very closed in fact they love to cling on the tweeter.

If you know this you need to find some ways to allow these birds to hole onto those tweeters by placing some kind of cover that will gives suitable surface to grab onto.

Look at this special picture that I saw from one of those photos I received.

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