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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get Ready With Some Fishing Net !!!

It is not for those fish in your fish pond but for those flying foxes.

This morning received some very disturbing news that flying foxes are carnivorous.  They have recently developed this appetite for swiftlet flesh.

One BH owner in Gua Musang, Kelantan indicated that he got some video clip showing how two of those flying foxes entered his BH and chased those poor swiftlet.

They caught these poor birds and ate them. They only eats their body and left the head and legs.

"Pak Harry, today caught three and more to come.  So far the number of dead birds are getting lesser. They have sharp teeth and eerie. "

"I will try to send you their trapping technique video clips and this will proof that they do eat swiftlet.  My advise to all BH owner is to start having those fish net for possible use."

I wanted to laugh but I think his advise should not be ignored.

Once caught try to remove them from your BH and hang the net somewhere until the fox die.

Try no to get bitten by them.

According to Astro History Channel, the Nipah virus ( a very deadly disease)  , was from these flying foxes.

They eat those fruits and later trash some part eaten to the floor and later consumed by those domesticated pigs.  Their saliva, with virus, spread to those pigs and later transferred to human being.

Just imagine if you are bitten by them !!!

Well not all flying foxes carries this virus but who knows.

Note: Flying foxes are protected animal, by Malaysian Authorities.  So if you kill any please do not declared it worldwide.  I mean don't put on the internet.  They will be after you.

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