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Friday, September 23, 2011

A New Aroma Formula Using Catfish Slime: Mutiara LeLe !!!

Something unheard of but a very interesting and new idea.

Yesterday I visited a BH in Lekir, Perak.  Two BHs side by side located in another palm oil plantation.

The first unit was based on the tunnel design and the second was one of the 45* sloped LAL.

Both are not doing well with very little nests in them.

The owner wanted me to drop by for a small chat about his BHs nests population problem.

Once arrived he showed me around and asked for some advise on what can be done to improve his nests count.

I was kind enough to tell him a few things that he should try and I am sure he will implement a few of those ideas.

Once that was done, I asked him for any new things that he tried that got special attention from those swiftlet.

"Yes Pak harry, I remembered at one time I use those slime from catfish (Ikan Keli). I bought about 20 of those medium sized  life fish and keep them inside a container.  After a few days I will harvest the water from the pail.  I than mix with those fermented bird shit water and sprayed them on the wall.  Unbelievable, the number of birds entered the BH was so many and my Indonesian workers thought that we have hit a jackpot."

Hmm... this is something new and unheard off. The smell of fish might be the reason why but who knows.

Let me try and evaluate the formulation.

All these while I thought we should used fish oil but not those slime from catfish.

Well there is nothing wrong with the use of fish slime.

I think this is something new and we need to conduct some research on the use of catfish slime.

What say you?

If you wish to try please don't blame me if it does not work.  If it works please share the result with me and my blog readers.

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