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Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Tobacco Leaves Drying House Turned Swiftlet Farm !!!!

A tobacco leaves drying house, like a smoke house, turned into a BH.

This happened in Raub, Pahang.

I remember visited and wrote an article about this place.  The owner wanted my opinion about the location and I told him, why not.

I conducted the bird call test and there were more than 150 birds responded.

Since the building was no longer in used I told him that it will be very minimal to convert the idle building.

Showed him a bit of ideas what to do and within less than two months he went ahead and got the BH ready.

"Pak Harry, I need all the best sounds that you have and let me try my luck"

I was again ask to drop by and saw the BH in operation and I am sure you would like to see some photos taken.

The good lesson here is that any building that can provide the right micro habitat and located below the birds flying path can be used to be a BH.

Have a good look at these pictures:

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