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Friday, September 30, 2011

There's An Owl In My Bukit Pelanduk BH !!!

Not a very good day when received a called about having an owl in the monkey house.

"Pak Harry, there is an owl inside our BH at Bukit Pelanduk.  Look at our CCTV camera channel 8."

That was how my evening goes.

I was very disappointed and told myself to get those owl protection system install as soon as I am back to Bukit Pelanduk.

The discovery was made just after the installation of CCTV camera system this evening.

The moment the CCTV was switched on, the owl was already inside the monkey house on the walkway.

I think this CCTV system is worth every penny.

The owl stayed until 10:00pm.

I am afraid she left her shit on the latch.

Hopefully she will not visit the BH again tomorrow.

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