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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Way To Get Those Sounds To Continue Being Effective & Last Longer !!!

Initially I was sceptical about a simple advise from an old friend who found a very simple way to attract those wild birds into your BH all day long.

Today after following his advise I found that what he was trying to coach me really works.

"Pak Harry I found this new method very interesting and simple.  All you need to do is to use two amplifiers for your external sound tweeters.  One you run in the morning from 7:30am till 1:30pm and the second you run it from 1:30pm until 8:30pm."

You now need a set of sounds to be used for the morning and another separate set for the evening.

Before getting those sounds together you need to find the right sounds that you know will be attractive to those birds in your area.

Get about 4-5 of those sounds.

Once you have them with you, you need to process them using any kind of sound editor software.

1) Make sure they are amplified to the same range.  U cannot have one at very low volume while the rest are at higher volume.  Try to learn using the editor software and get the right range.  Try to amplify to 150%.

2) Once that is done you need to copy and paste so that they are at least 60 minutes in length i.e each sound to be able to run to 60 minutes each.

3) Now you convert them to MP3.  If you cannot get from those free sound editor, find one using you google search engine.  Use WAV to MP3 converter free.  Download them and transform all those sounds that you have converted earlier to MP3 so that your amplifier will be able to read them.

4) Now you need to arrange these sounds in a sequence of preferences.

5) Get the four sounds in a piece of paper and try to arrange them to be played at a specific time of the day.
For Example:

Morning Set:
7:30am : SuperGold
8:30am: SuperScrew
9:30am: Super screw (copy)
10:30am: SuperIntan
11:30am: Super Intan.
12:30noon: Supergold.

Evening set:
1:30pm: SuperGoldPot
2:30pm SuperGoldPot (Copy)
3:30pm: SuperIntan
4:30pm: SuperGold
5:30pm: SuperGold (Copy)
6:30pm: Superscrew
7:30pm: Superscrew (Copy)

6) To ensure they will no be rearranged by your computer you now rename each of them using number at the front to instruct the computer to follow the folder in sequences that you wanted as follows:

Morning Set:
7:30am : 01SuperGold
8:30am: 02SuperScrew
9:30am: 03Super screw (copy)
10:30am: 04SuperIntan
11:30am: 05Super Intan.
12:30noon: 06Supergold.

Evening set:
1:30pm: 01SuperGoldPot
2:30pm 02SuperGoldPot (Copy)
3:30pm: 03SuperIntan
4:30pm: 04SuperGold
5:30pm: 05SuperGold (Copy)
6:30pm: 06Superscrew
7:30pm: 07Superscrew (Copy)

8) Now you need to set the timing on your autochanger to start the 1st amplifier from 7:30am till 1:30pm, while the second amplifier to run from 1:30pm till 8:30pm.

9) Insert the first  thumb drive to the morning scheduled amplifier and the second thumb drive to evening running amplifier.

I hope I am not making your head confused.

If you need any help call 017 7551318.

I am using this special technique for my new BH project in Bidor and since this morning, I set yesterday, the birds are continuously entering the BH until the nesting room.

Now at 1:01pm they are still a few in the nesting room.

I am impressed with this new method and I hope those who follow this advise will benefit from this new method.

If you are sure or do not have the right sounds let me know.

Will be happy to assemble one for you and let you test it for a few days. The cost is only RM800 for morning and 800 for evening.  This is a promotional price excluding thumb drives and postage.

You need to install those CCTV cameras first. Without it you will not know how effective the sounds are.

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