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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Parties Came To Learn How To Prepare The Mutiara Aroma !!

More and more blog readers are learning on the method to prepare the Mutiara Aroma.

Yesterday there were two parties and today one more.

So far I think a total of 12 BH owners who came to learn the basic and I hope they will, from thereafter, know the technique and thus will help to develop their own formula.

My normal introduction will be to explain about the use of aroma in general and how I discovered the formula.

It was a friendly visit to an old friend who owned and operated a few successful BHs in Penang.

During one of the meeting with him he explained about his new BH treatment method that can make the BH be activated.

"Pak Harry, I have been doing this BH reconditioning and I think you should consider using this idea in your future BH revamp operation.  The idea is to prepare a home made aroma using seaweeds and apply it in a sick BH for about 4-6 days.  After that it will be on a monthly basis."

Upon returning home I started my first mixing of the aroma and applied to a few BH under my care.

It works well and why not share the formula with others.

That was the history and I am glad that many who learned to use this aroma making methods are enjoying every minutes of their BH operation.

Beside using the seaweed you can also use those sea cucumber, sotong, fish, duck egg and etc.

The method is basically to have the base liquid ( fermented bird shit water and raw nests water) and add it with those smelly water that will make those wild birds entered and stay longer.

Today a BH owner from JB will be in town and I have to go now.......

If you wish to learn more let me know.

Call 017 7551318

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