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Monday, September 26, 2011

What About Getting A High End Amplifiers !!!

{ A gentle reminder: Before reading this article please remember to check out on all the advertisements found in this page.}

If you own your BH, I think you should be intelligent enough to know what are the key element to ensure your BH is well designed and equipped with the best equipment.

Among the many gadget in your BH the most important, to me, will be the overall sound system.

You should be well aware that your sound system and the sounds you played is the heart of your total investment.

If your consultant or contractor provide you with the cheapest amplifiers, tweeters and poor cables quality you will find that your neighbours are doing well while your BH looks very sick.

In this article I wanted to write something about the BH amplifiers.

During one discussion with some blog readers and friends we talk about the overall sound system.

My question to them was, what do you think we can improve in the overall sound performance in a BH?

We might think only the sounds but what about the tweeters, amplifiers or even the cables.

What I did was to focus on amplifiers.

Currently most of us are using those low end amplifier types.

The cheaper the cost of these amplifiers the lower quality of  it sound produced since the processing card inside the amplifiers are low cost.

The lowest cost amplifier that I used to come across is the RM 200 and below range.

The Medium will be about RM 400 while the high end will be about RM800.

Do you think this is good enough to challenge our neighbour sound system?

I brought this matter to a good friend and he agreed with my comment.

Can we have a higher quality range at a price of about RM3,000 to 6,000?

Will this price range will be too much to compare with the number of birds that it can bring into our BH?

If you allocate say RM 6,000 to the most important part of the whole house (about RM 400,000), which is about 1.5% of the overall cost, it that too much?

I believed the time have come for all to consider my point.

If you can find something that will enhance your sound quality to the optimum and it can supercharged your BH you better make the right decision.

Within one week my good blog reader called me to visit an audio shop which have an interesting range of high end amplifiers that you will never believed.

I managed to view the product and told myself that this was what I have been looking for.

My plan now is to allocate a kind of research fund to get one for research purposes.

The product I am thinking about is the ONKYO latest model.

The price is reasonable but very steep to those who do not value good quality sounds.

We need to wake up and try to overtake our competitors.

Have a look at one of the pictures provided.

A very stylish looks and able to play your Marvellous Cloud with a USB port provided.

We tested the unit with MC and I was surprised to listen to a kind of water flowing sound on the background.

I have never detected those background sound before but this amplifier makes me feel that we are doing the right thing.

The only set back is that this is a home theatre unit that can provide enough signal for about 8 to 10 tweeters.

Hmm..... maybe we can use for those external sound tweeters.

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