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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Should Your Sound Be Very Loud?

(Black Cloud)

Should your external sound be played very loud?

A very interesting question and I think you need to read this email to get the right answer:

Hi Pak harry , 

Recently i notice once i finish apply all the tweeters to all the antrance in different direction and playing with the external sound which i used to play when there was only main entrance had been installed with tweeter(lastime), but now all the birds come and roving around but not so close to my BH.

They become rarely come closer and not even entermy BH. 

Oppositely i found that they prefer to enter the neighbour BH even thought the BH got no tweeter and just finish construct with no any preparation and gadget yet during all my BH entrance tweeter turned on.
Then i Try to reduce the sound volume , it becoming better, but still far different from lastime when only main entrance had been installed with tweeter, it was alot birds crazy enter the BH.
nowi try to unplug all the cable and play sound for only one entrance and with a low volume, and all the birds enter my BH and also playing around the soundless entrance... And i try different volume and i found that they might need just not so loud ... 
Do you have any idea about what is going on with the volume of sound swiftlet needed  since alot of people say that external sound have to be loud enought and far enough and also surround ? 

I think this person's observation tells us something about the important of using the right sound volume.

I remembered having the same experiences in Papar, Sabah.

This BH owner took me to view his BH made of wood, actually a wooden house converted to a BH, and I tried some of my new sounds.

At one instant we saw something unusual happened.

The birds came to the window but once they were the the mouth of the entrance hole they bounced out.

As if there was a thin film of plastic covering the hole.

What I did was to ask the owner to keep his eyes at the hole and I slowly lowered the sound volume.

I told him to shout at me to stop when he sees those birds started to enter the hole.

"Oh yes Pak Harry you are right.  When you lowered the sound volume those birds started to enter the hole as if those plastic film were taken out."

This personal experience tells me something but other might have different opinion.

I think  the best you can do is to choose the right volume for each sound you played.

Try to observe the birds reaction at the entrance hole every time you insert a new sound into your amplifier.

If you experience something similar please try to write in the comment column.

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