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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
Calling for participants to this special Swiftlet Farming Seminar to be held in Sandakan, Sabah. You will be given the opportunity to learn and at same time to enter two BHs plus how to prepare MV3 aroma, Seminar will be held at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan Sabah. For detail please PM 0177551318

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two BHs In One Building !!!

"Do you realized that you now owned or operate a two in one BH?"

That was my remark to a lady who invited me to inspect her BH in Muar Johor today.

The four stories BH was located at Parit Bakar about 3 kilometres from Muar town.

"What do you meant by that statement?" she asked.

Well you have a BH with two entrance holes.

The top most entrance hole is the top entry while the second located on the third floor is a side entry.

Your consultant blocked the passage from those birds that entered the top entry from going down and those birds that entered the side entry will have no way to move upstairs.

"Oh yah Pak Harry you are right." she begin to realized what I was talking about.

The BH was about two years old and currently have about 100 nests.

Most of these nests were on the 4th floor and the 3rd floor.

Very few in the 2nd floor and zero on the lowest floor.

During the visit I was told that the lady just took over as a new care taker of the BH from her husband.

Prior to my visit her husband engaged a consultant who refuse to provide any explanation on what was wrong with the BH.

"I am a bit cheesed off when he refuse to answer all our questions.  He just wanted us to pay his fee and we should keep quite.  What he does in none of our business."

"That makes me feel very upset and started to find a suitable candidate who is willing to share with us what he discovered."

"Pak Harry that was how I started to use the internet to find the person.  Yes you Pak Harry."

A very sweet words from her and I started my inspection job as soon as I arrived at the BH.

At first I saw this top entry hole at the front part of the BH.  Hmm the BH is using the top entry hole.

When I arrived at the back I realized there was another entrance hole on the wall.

Oh oh two entrances one top entry and the other side entry.  Not a bad design, I told myself.

The next point of interest was the data room.

I started to explore the type of sound they were using.

The 1st amplifier was playing the Baby King and the second was Marvellous cloud while the third was Super Colony.

The next was what really surprised me.  It was using the Duress sound.

Oh my god.  The duress was played as the internal sound.  This is very unusual and weird.

All the amplifier settings were wrong.

I did some explanation to her and I know she was starring at me trying to absorb all the things that I was telling her.

In her head she must be asking how the hell this Pak Harry can recognized all the four sounds giving names to them one by one as if he is the bird.

I know she was amazed at my ability to give so precise explanation why Duress must not be played in a BH.

When I entered the BH, to me there was nothing unusual.  The same mistakes as so many similar BHs with low nests population syndrome.

"So Pak Harry what is wrong with my BH?" she could not wait any longer.

"Let me finish with my inspection and I will list to you all the wrong things that you can worked on." I reaffirmed to her.

She was eager to get the report and wanted to start the correction work like that same instant.

There were several interesting observation made and I showed to her a few.

Good example was all those tweeters installed were with bird nests.

You house is fully occupied I told her.

"Pak Harry please explain that statement?" she replied.

Let me show you something.  You look at the bird shit spots on the floor and then you look up on the ceiling what do you see?

"Well there is a nest and there is a tweeter. Oh yah lah all the tweeters are with a nests.  That means all the tweeters were occupied." she begin to understand my statement.

The second point of interest was about the fake nests.

I focus my torchlight light beam on to those fake nests one by one.

You can see that nearly all of them were with tenant.

She was curious did what I did earlier.

"You are right Pak Harry nearly all of the fake nests were with nest markings." she uttered.

I tried to explained to he a very simple fact.

You have to understand that we cannot talk to these birds but we can observed what they likes and dislikes.

In this particular case they love tweeters and fake nests right?

Why don't you increase the number of tweeters and fake nests?

"To how many Pak Harry?" she wanted my confirmation.

As many as you can, if I were you.

"Wa like that ah."  her reply.

How much is the cost of a tweeter and a fake nests?

If you install 100 additional tweeters (about RM1.50 each) and 100 additional fake nests (about RM5) you might have 200 new nests or set of productive swiftlet.

Each nest or productive swiftlet couple will increase your BH value by at least say rm800 (now raw nest price is low) each, you will gained RM800 X 200 = RM160,000.

Your investment was only 150 plus 500 equals to 650.

Don't you think you have a very good returns?

"I never thought like that before.  I am new and stupid a bit Pak Harry.  That is why we need someone like you to tell us the right way to improve your BH." she gave me a long smile.

She knew that her prayers was answered and I know that she is in a good hand.

After the inspection I took about 45 minutes to write a 10 pages report with lots of sketches.

I told her that her BH have a very big potential.

You need to start counting the total number of nests in your BH and start setting a target that within 12 months from today you will double the number.

If you need any more help just call me as 017 755 1318.

"Oh Pak Harry thank you very much for your kind report and explanations.  Now I feel better and at least know where to start."

Good luck to her.....

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