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Swiftlet Farming Seminar Tang Dynasty Hotel !!!

Swiftlet Farming Seminar Tang Dynasty Hotel !!!
Come and start your year 2018 with Pak Harry. By attending his seminar you will be adequately prepared to face the challenge to manage your BH. Those who are new will be able to learn about how to get their BH well located and designed. You will learn how to pull more birds into your BH in a very short period of time. You will have lots of ammunitions to fight with your neighbors. You will learn how to prepare those BH aromas. You will also be able to visit a BH with lots of nests. Set the two days for your to fly home with lots of knowledge. The one and only one who will share his invention with others.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bangan Serai BH Initial Design and After Following My Advise !!!

I would like to put some record about the Bangan Serai BH.

Initially the BH was using a small hole on the rooftop but after my site visit I told the owner to change

After my small advice it became like this:

( from side view)

Later the owner reconstruct to this with a monkey house with four windows:

The modification was mainly due to the following observations.

The BH was a bit too short and was also a bit too tight.

The initial design using a top entry to me was not proper for this BH. The opening was too small and the BH was located very far from any residential houses.

The location of the LAL was also not suitable.

I told the owner that my gut feeling is to use the monkey house with four side entries.

He followed my idea however I was very concerned with the high temperature inside its nesting rooms.

I told him to consider putting up a kind of protection shield around the house to prevent direct sun light.

The lesser the sun rays hit the walls the lesser the wall temperature will be.

If the proposed method failed to cool down the internal temperature he might consider my next idea of erecting a new wall inside using those bubble sheet heat shield and covered with cement boards.

Latest SMS from him:

"Pak Harry, From Sunday till today, everyday raining.  This morning my caretaker say that around 20 birds go in and out of the BH"

Overall, he was lucky to seek my advise.

The first visit was timely and I managed to identify the possible faults and asked him to correct them.

What I hope is that the BH will do well and once day he can start another unit (he told me so).

I need to monitor this BH closely and continue assisting him to ensure that those birds have little complains about its internal temperature and humidity.

Now the look of the BH with sun light shield layer:

Just look at the number of birds flying around the monkey house after two days into operation.

The owner used steel frame covered with green coloured orchid plantation mat.

For better efficiency I told him to use double layered.

It looks good don't they?

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