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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This Saturday Morning Will Inspect A BH in BuKit Selambau, Sungai Patani, Kedah!!!

(Just a sample but this is not the BH referred to)

This morning Saturday December the 27th 2014 while driving back from TMC supermarket received a call from a BH owner.

I quickly pull my car to the side curb and start asking him a few questions.

He sound as if he lost everything.

All those nests about 200 of them are now zero.

The sound system back out on him and at the same time his BH now have a permanent resident, an owl and its family.

What a mess.

I promised to drop by and visit his BH this Saturday Jan 3rd 2015.

I am sure my visit report will be useful for him to push his BH back to its original purposes.

The good thing is that he attended the recent Seminar held at TH Hotel Penang.

After listening to my talks he realized his mistakes and know the solutions.

The only thing was that he wanted someone who is expert to check on other matters that can improve his BH.

His sound playing system seems to be dead due to perhaps those lightning.

It come in a kind of computer and the sounds inside are embedded inside those hard drive.

His son tried to get some one to recover these sounds but not successful.

I might want to take the whole unit home and perhaps get some friends to open it up.

This will be my third case from those who attended the Seminar at TH Hotel, Penang.

So far tackle two BHs and the third will be this BH.

Very glad that they are willing to get my service but what about you?

Call me at 017 7551318 if you think your BH is not doing well.

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