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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
Calling for participants to this special Swiftlet Farming Seminar to be held in Sandakan, Sabah. You will be given the opportunity to learn and at same time to enter two BHs plus how to prepare MV3 aroma, Seminar will be held at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan Sabah. For detail please PM 0177551318

Monday, December 29, 2014

Two Days After The Productivity Seminar !!!

This failed BH is dead and located at Guar Chempedak, Gurun, Kedah.

The owner attended the Penang Swiftlet Productivity Seminar and requested me to be at his failed BH at 10:00 am on Christmas day.

I drove up there early in the morning and when I arrived he was still in bed.

"Sorry Pak Harry I just woke up.  See you at Guar Chempedak town beside the CIMB bank".

I was there on the dot.

After parking my car I took a walk and I saw the BH owner approaching me.

He apologized for being late and took me to another row of shop houses showing all the successful BHs closed proximity to his BH.

After some stories about the area he took me into his BH.

The ground floor was used to store electrical items and the top floor was his BH.

He runs a number of electrical goods shops.

He owned a few more units but not at the same location.

The moment we opened the BH entrance door the sounds were all dead.

No electrical power and he did not know where to activate the power.

His worker passed by and told him where was the main switch.

One more very bad scene was the water flowing down the staircase.

I don't feel very safe when the stairs looks messy and slippery.

When we reached upstairs nearly half of the total floor areas were flooded.

He was giving the excuse that it was good for his BH humidity but I keep telling him that he will be in a very big problem if those health officers should detect any mosquito larvae.

The strange thing was that there were at least 20-30 swiftlet inside the dead BH.

The number of nests according to him was only 20 after almost 3-4 years into operation.

I took a good look and after a few minutes I asked him to take me to one corner where I can sit and write my report.

This was when he poured his grievances.

"Pak Harry I already give up all my BHs and one day one officer from Jabatan Veterinar came to inspect the BH.  I told him that  I am not interested to tag the BH but he insisted that I should attend the Productivity Seminar.  Frankly I accepted his invitation since I was looking around for a suitable and reliable SIFU.  Mine no longer want to answer my calls."

He was very lucky to have met me and after listening to my explanation he realized that I do have the expertise.

He said that if Jabatan Veterinar recognized Pak Harry he must have the required credential.

So now he is sitting with me and I was busy writing my visit report.

His BH main problems are as follows:

1) He let the BH to run by its own.  He no longer bother to let the sound operate and let the whole BH flooded.

2) His BH uses the top entry system and is facing the west.  This is not a very good orientation.  Those birds seems to be staying only at the front areas closed to the main door and not deeper inside.

3) The hexagonal tweeter used was a DIY using two tweeters one facing the east and on to the west.  I told him to upgrade for a better quality using 6 tweeters.

4) His so called DIY hexagonal tweeter was not properly located.  He need to move to the right position.

5) The external sound tweeters at the main door were with two different type of tweeter's brand or type.  I advised him to use only one type so that the power supplied by the amplifier is well distributed.

6) The tweeters at the main entrance hole was not facing up ward but towards the wall.  I asked him where are those birds coming from?

7) The external sound tweeters at the 2nd door was only one.  He need to use more.

8) The BH floors were flooded and very dangerous to work or carry out my full inspection.  I warned him that those health authorities will summon him 300 ringgit for every mosquito lave found in the water pool.  Drain the water and use those chicken coop humidifiers.

9) His BH floor was never cleaned before.  I advised him to clean for the new birds monitoring.

10) There were too little internal sound tweeters.  I showed him those cluster tweeters.

11) I also pushed him to install about 180-250 fake nests made of 1 inch styrofoam.  They must be precisely located as per my requirements. All fake nests after installation must be sprayed with Super Pheromone aroma.

12) He also need to upgrade his amplifiers.

13) A new set of external and internal sounds will be of grate help to pull more birds inside.

My visit report was about 17 pages and when he went through he was speechless.

Never in his life a SIFU take so much time to come out with a visit report.

He paid my fee and I told him that I refuse to allow him to get those new sounds because I don't want him not to revamp his BH.

"Pak Harry you are the first who do not allow myself to test those sounds"

I explained to him why.  I got many BH owners who after switching to my external and internal sound will not proceed to revamp their BH.

The moment they see its effectiveness they will not proceed with the revamp operation.

My explanation to these people is that even though they flew in they will not be your tenant unless you modify those errors.

At the end of the day those birds will not stay since their BH were not properly done.

This happened to one BH owner whose BH is at Tikam Batu.

He was very excited for me to start the revamp operation.

He bought my good sounds and play it.

His brother reported that there were a lot of birds entering the two entrance holes.

The next round when I called to ask when can I mobilized to site, I received this shock answer.

"Pak Harry not need to revamp.  Everything is okay now." he replied.

I was a bit disappointed and I regret to allow him having those good sounds.

Please learn from this article.

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