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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Check Your Tweeters For Any Faulty Units !!!

I wanted to share this information with all of you who owned or operate BHs.

During may many years doing BH revamping I discovered something which I used to take it for granted.

When I received a box of tweeters (internal or external tweeters), I will insist that my boys to check it they are faulty.

There will be a number of units that will be faulty.

These faulty units will usually caused your amplifiers to fail or burned.

In one of the boxes each  150 pieces (internal tweeters) there were 20 pieces that were found to be faulty.

Can you imagine if I have not done the checking?

These kind of faults are said to be manufacturer's defect .

To them is a defect but to us will be a disaster.

I have never miss to check them one by one and these pictures tells you how my boys carry out the check.

First lay them in a row and immediately after that use a am meter to check if there are any flow of current.

Usually the meter will not show any current.

When the ammeter starts to show some movements you know that there is a kind of short circuit in the tweeter's connection.

Try to remove them and who know if you are smart you might want to go back to where you bought and get a replacement.

I have managed to replace them before and I am sure you can too.

The test is only valid for piezo class tweeters.

Have a nice day.

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