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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In Sibu A Caretaker Turned Swiftlet Farmer !!!

This swiftlet business have no boundaries. I came across so many people with different background and they try swiftlet farming.

Some are engineers, architects, contractors, hardware shop owners, tyre shop operator, insurance agents, print shop owners, motorbike shop owners, petrol station shop owners and so forth.

While in Sibu, Sarawak I saw this unusual view which I think you will find amusing.

A caretaker of the dead, selling casket/coffin also have a BH on the top of his shop.

This is something interesting and this again confirmed that the swiftlet business have no boundaries.

I don't think I will ever accept his invitation to view his BH no matter how good it is. I am sure some of those dead souls follow him home and stay up there with the birds ????

He he he .....

Everybody can be a BH owner and you might be the next guy in line.

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