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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
Calling for participants to this special Swiftlet Farming Seminar to be held in Sandakan, Sabah. You will be given the opportunity to learn and at same time to enter two BHs plus how to prepare MV3 aroma, Seminar will be held at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan Sabah. For detail please PM 0177551318

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Report On Trip To Kota Bahru!!!

I arrived Kota Bahru airport at about 8.45 am using Firefly via Subang airport.

Mr Eng, my close associate, was at the airport with his old antique Merz. Not bad being fetch and driving around in a Merz, a very old Merz. I told him as long as it does not stall I will be okay.

The first stop was Nasi Berlauk for breakfast. After the short meal he took me to a three stories shophouse somewhere in KB town center.

I was not sure who he got in mind to see but an elderly man was there smiling as if been waiting for me for a 100 years.

"My name is Mr L and how are you?"

I am okay and I hope I can be of help.

"Yes I really need your expert advise. On the top of this shophouse I have a bird house and recently we have extended one floor up. Been in operation for almost 6 months now but there are little nests and residents."

Okay what else can you tell me? I asked with a short smile on my face.

"The entrance hole is side entry and facing the back lane. There are many birdhouses around us and every day there are thousands flying above our roof. However they seem not to stay permanently."

Can I know are there any successful BH around and how many kg are they producing a months?

"Oh yes just at the back there is a BH with 16kg a month. Just about 15 feet away from our BH. On the other lane, there is one more successful BH and I think they produce at least 20kg a month. But how come we have little success?"

In my head I keep analysing the situation plus the high expectation of MrL.

I then asked, Who is your "consultant'?

"We do everything ourself. However we did get some advise from some local guy but nothing happened"

Hmm....interesting and I am very amused with what I am hearing. I might be the next person in the book with "nothing happened" page.

Okay let me have a close look and let me digest the situation.

He quickly took me up from the lower floor up and until the top most floor. The best incident was a reasonable sized bat with whitish wings flew by and out of the entrance hole.

That might be one of the reason why you have not many birds Mr.L.

Okay the entrance hole is facing outside but with no proper objective, the room seem to be very bright, the ventilations holes were all on opened mode, a few stars from the walls, the light from the ventilation holes were bright, the tweeters were those medium size and all were on the internal sound and so on .....

Mr.L how many tweeters are then in the BH? I asked.

"Not many. About 15 or so. Why?"

Can you inspect one by one and tell me are there any birdshit spots on the floor just below them?

"Okay. Yes Harry all of them are with birdshits."

Well the first thing if I were you is to increase the number of internal sound tweeters. Each tweeter, say will allow a set of birds so the more you put the more will be those birds. How many birds do you want? If you want 200, you put in 100 tweeters. Simple and perfact solution. What do you think?

"You might be right Harry. I think they like to roost on these tweeters. That is something which I will carry out immediately, Harry. Thanks for the interesting observation and interesting tip. Anything else?"

Where are the external sound tweeters in the roving and nesting rooms? I was curious.

"Nope we never place any tweeters playing those external sound in our nesting and roving. Only at the entrance."

I was smiling and shook my head and I keep telling myself that these people have very little ideas on why those external sound in the rooms are as important as the sound at the entrance hole.

Mr.L if you are the bird, let us assumed, you heard the external sound and you fell in love with it. SSo you tracked where that soothing melody came from and yes at that BH window. You flew towards in and you suddently enter the entrance hole. When you passed the tweeter what happen? You loose the sound. That beautiful melody is gone. So what do you do? You will turn back. So do you expect the bird to enter the nesting rooms if he suddently loose the sound?

"Hmm you might be right there. If I were the bird for sure I will reverse my gear and make a U turn back to the tweeter where the sound was coming from. You are damn right. Logical and make lot of senses."

"What should I do pak Harry?"

Well the best is to instal at least one tweeter at the far back of the nesting room that will play the external sound similar to the sound you played at the entrance holw. If you have the resources why don't you put more, perhaps two at the back of each floor and another two in the middle of the room. Focus also on those doors where you isolate the nesting rooms and the roving areas.

Well the above were a few things that we talked while in the BH and I do not want to desribe too much. I will be making a full report and submit to MR.L. If you wish to learn something about every trip that I make you should try to subsribe to all these reports. They will not only pinpoint those common mistakes but also give you the ideas how to tackle them.

What you need to do is to sent an email requesting for a copy plus a token fee for it.

What I know is that he was very impressed with my professional explainations and reasons for some revamps.

The entrance hole positioning, the closure of ventilation holes, the humidity, the temperture, the petitioning, the sound system, the additional tweeters and a few more will be in the report.

The best part of the day was when I played the Black Cloud. It was so marvellous. The birds were drawn to the tweeters and at one time there were 20 birds cuing to enter the hole. A marvellous view and Mr.L was smilling like someone who have never smile before.

I felt so good to see those charming smiles.

"Okay Harry, good, good and good. Let us have lunch and move to another two more BH outskirt of KB"

I very sure he was happy to have me around.......

The two BHs was gigantic. Wow four stories high minimum 60 feet by 80 feet.

My goodness what are they trying to do. ....

Will tell more in the next article .....

My summary on the whole trip is "Interesting Indeed."

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