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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another Birdcall Test But This Time About 1300 Birds Responded !!!

(Try to count how many responded during the test)

This time I was taken to Rembau N9 where a new Agriculture Project was half way their construction stage.

This Rimbunan Kasih is the first in Negeri Sembilan and situtated somewhere at Kampung Ragut.

Before reaching the site the rain was heavy.

When we arrived the place was filled with rain water and it was drizzling.

The site manager took us to a place near the water catchment pond.

I took out the test gadget and played the Duress sound.

Within 10-15 minutes the number of birds responded shot up to more than 1300 swiftlet.

This indicate that this particular location is a good place to built a BH.

The best, I told the person who took me there was near the water pond where those birds love to get their drink and perhaps hunt for food.

Overall the place seems to be the best among the four that I was taken to.

Tonight need to prepare the visit report.

Have a look at some pictures taken.

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