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Monday, April 21, 2014

Pantai Remis Progress !!!

After about one and half months back into operation the BH seems to be doing well.

Today alone the number of birds entered was about 300 plus from a low of 150 birds prior to the revamp operation.

I might be looking at doing some minor adjustments on the sound arrangements and the installation of super pheromone auto spray on on the active floor.

Today I stopped by to carry out some checks to see if everything was okay.

The sounds seems to be running with no problem but its loudness seems to be a bit low.

I think those amplifiers after some time will start to loose it sounds volume.

Every time you visit your BH try to readjust the sound volume especially the external sound.

Can see more fake nests being occupied and the number of bird shit spots is growing.

I took some pictures and video clip to share with all of you.

Just relax and see some of the actions:

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