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Monday, April 28, 2014

It Might Be Due To Civet (Musang) !!!

I remember a BH owner from Kuala Lipis Pahang who wanted my opinion why there were a number of dead swiftlet without their head.

About 1.5 months ago another BH was showing the same signs.

Yes a number of dead swiftlet with no head.

The head must be like roast groundnuts to these particular predator.

It could not be owl or eagle.

My suspicion was those rats.

But rats will eat the whole body but not the head.

Today Mr Tan of Kuala Lipis SMS what he discovered.

"Hi Pak Harry. U know something? Remember that I had problem with predators at my BH?.I found out the culprit (problem).  It is the musang (civet).  It can climb up the wall from the outside. All the way up.  We caught it in a cage inside the BH."

What a wonderful discovery.

Now please add one more predator to your list.

All this while we are scared of those owls, hawks, eagle, hornbill, rats, cats, and etc.  It never came to our mine that those civets are also bad to our BH.

So if you happened to find a lot of dead birds with no head you need to quickly set a trap (a cage) baited with perhaps banana.

Best of luck to all.

I am very happy to share this real story from Mr Tan of Kuala Lipis.

Sample pictures taken at a BH in Tok Dor Dungun Trengganu.

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