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Friday, May 23, 2014

Wrong Flying Path Design !!!

I was invited to inspect this BH in a town called Gadek, Melaka.

The two story BH was using the monkey house entrance system.

This trip was not planned earlier but during a brief meeting I was asked to take a look at the BH.

After inspecting the BH for about 30 minutes I told the owner my sincere observations.

1) I was very concern over the internal sounds used inside the nesting rooms.  The top floor was with this loud noisy sound while the ground floor was with Babyking with very little volume.
I gave the owner a helping hand by changing the internal sounds to SuperBabyKing and BabyKing and I reset the sound volumes.

2) The external sound was not that effective so both the sound for the hexagonal and the nesting rooms were standardized to a set of two sounds.

3) The setting of the treble and mid knobs were not right.  I reset the proper positioning.

4)  The last thing that I have a very tough time to explain to the BH owner was about the monkey house and the positioning of the two LALs (Lubang Antara Lantai).  I simply don't like the way the birds are forced to fly down to the ground floor.  I told the owner that it is not proper to make the birds to turn too many times before she can arrived to the nest location.  In total every birds that stayed at the lowest floor need to twist and turned at least 9 times.

We are suppose to make their life easier but not so complicated turning to all directions.

However since I do not want to upset the BH owner I asked him to see any good result during the next few weeks after I adjusted the sound volumes and the new sound used.

Hopefully their will be more bird shit marking and he need to quickly NKS the planks.

If he wish to further improve the BH I told him to call me so that I can re orientate the flying path to make it much easier and shorter.

I have some ideas on how to modify the monkey house areas and perhaps opening of a few walls and close a few doors.

He should be very happy to have me to view his BH.

The whole episode is just a lesson to learn and usually those with very little knowledge will make too many unnecessary mistakes.

If you own a BH and need some third party comment please call me at 017 7551318.

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