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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
Calling for participants to this special Swiftlet Farming Seminar to be held in Sandakan, Sabah. You will be given the opportunity to learn and at same time to enter two BHs plus how to prepare MV3 aroma, Seminar will be held at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan Sabah. For detail please PM 0177551318

Monday, May 19, 2014

More & More People Are Trusting The Super Pheromone !!!

(This wooden BH owner is moving to the 3X concentrated liquid pheromone)

Once they tried they are hooked to it.

Their BH changed dramatically and they will be asking for a much better formula.

I have been experiencing this new storm where more satisfied users are asking for a higher concentrated Super Pheromone.

These same people started with the standard concentration and soon after they will use the 2X concentration.

Now they wanted the latest that is the 3X concentration.

Why this sudden request?

I think they are seeing the unusual happening in their BHs.

The guy whose three BHs are in Kemaman and one in Jenjarum recently tried the canister pheromone.  Once used as per my recommendations he soon realized that more and more fake nests he installed are occupied.

Within less than 3 months there are strange happening.

He soon called for the  Super Pheromone standard liquid concentration.

He is no longer concentrating on the fake nests alone but started to apply on the nesting planks.

He found that once he applied twice the result become better.

During one visit he saw at least 60 fake nests were occupied.

He soon asked for the 2X concentration.

This time he wanted to use it on a more aggressive mode but I am not sure what he actually have in his mind.

Will need to talk to him on a more regular basis.

Another group that have upgraded their pheromone concentration order was this organisation that owned about 100 BHs in Sandakan, Sabah.

They (3 of them) attended my last Swiftlet Farming Seminar and after listening to my talk they realize the important of apply those techniques to lure the wild birds.

I stressed to them the important of fake nest and the super pheromone.

They took my advise and now they are asking for the 3X canister type and I recently shipped to them.

They also started with the standard concentration and within a few months moved to 2X.

The result shown after using was unbelievable and they keep talking about what they are up to.

I have a very strong feeling that after each application their BHs changed to have more new markings on the nesting planks and a lot of new bird shit spots on their BH floors.

Just imagine running 100 BHs and each are doing better and better every month.

They were lucky to have met me and I have been helping them with lots of new ideas and how to apply them.

Another DIY BH owner is from Keningau Sabah.

"Pak Harry itu aroma liquid ada stock?" he asked me recently.

He contacted me on numerous occasions and ask for many advises.

Recently was his amplifier setting.

I replied and I make him happy.

After using the canister pheromone (3 canisters)  he now is looking at using the liquid form.

I asked him about how effective is the pheromone in his BH.

"Yup memang berkesan tambah lagu cara pak harry ajar setting suara luar dan dalam.  Now lagi efectif  burung banyak tinggal buat saya malam susah tidur ingat buurng banyak ::-)"   one of his reply.

He can no longer sleep well thinking about his BH nests and birds ????

At one time he nearly gave up the DIY BH and now he is having a kind of nightmare
with too many birds inside after applying my ideas and laced with super pheromone.

He will be getting one liter of the super pheromone liquid and I am sure he got his reasons why he moving from the canister to liquid.

The newest is this BH owner whose BHs is in Papar. Sabah.

This morning received this note from him and in my last sms to him I told him that I will be visiting Kota Kinabalu next month.

"Hello Pak Harry, sorry for the late reply.  Just back from Papar last night.  Spending my time there since Sartuday. Looking forward to see you next month.  I would like to test your latest pheromone.  Bring one gallon."

If you read his last sentence you know why I said that this guy is another person who have tried and saw the immediate change in his wooden BH.

I remember my first meeting with him.

He came to my hotel and wanted to buy the Super Pheromone and I offer him those canister with no blue cover yet.

He soon discovered the changes in his BH.

He continued with another batch about two canisters.

I sense that there are something that need my help.

I called him and told him that I wanted to visit his BH and review what can be done to improve the nests numbers.

He arranged to have his partner to pick me up since he was in Miri attending a Seminar (work).

I gave him a full report on what to be done in his BH and soon he followed my recommendations.

I asked him to get more partition walls done, more fake nests and apply the super pheromone regularly.

During my last visit to KK I spend one day with him at his BH.

I brought with me a liter of the pheromone and we carry out the cleaning and application of the standard concentration formula.

Now after three months or so he wanted my latest formula.

"Hello Pak Harry, sorry for the late reply.  Just back from Papar last night.  Spending my time there since Saturday.  Looking forward to see you next month.  I would like to test your latest 3X pheromone.  Bring 1 gallon."

He is asking one gallon.  Do you know how much it will cost him?

I am sure there is something unusual that make him to go for such a huge quantity.

I have a very strong feeling that he is seeing more new markings and maybe lots of new nests inside.

If these people are seeing some strange thing happening after the application of the Super Pheromone, I think you should follow their foot steps.

My experience tells me that if a product works all these people who used it will start asking for more.

If the product is not showing any signs most of them will shy away from calling you.

Trust me that this special aroma will change your BH.

Call me and let meat 017 7551318 and I will advise you on how to use it effectively.

We now have a miracle product that can transform your BH.

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