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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Do They Come Only During The Weekends !!!

I was fascinated with the above chart send to me by the Pantai Remis BH owner.

He collect all the data he has so far and put them onto a sheet of paper.

Well it was a brilliant idea and now every week he can update the data himself.

What strike him was the pattern of the numbers on week days and week ends.

"Pak Harry, do you think they go somewhere else during week days and only come back during the weekends?" he asked.

Hmmm ...... I was taken back and could not find the quick answer for him to digest.

Well, you might be right but I don't think so.

The Saturday increase figure was due to the change of external sound.  I was there on that day and I changed it.

The Sunday seems to be right.  Yess both Sundays the figure recorded was on the high side.

It could be the rain on that day.

On Monday the number jumped by 31 while the rest were lower than the week before.

I am still in the early stages in interpreting the data and I told him to continue monitoring and at the same time he need to do more to bring more birds into his BH.

What I planned to do with this BH owner is to come out with a strategic plans on how to use the NKS and changing of external sounds on a precise day.

The NKS (Nests Kick Start) operation will be the first for him to carry out while the changing of external sound shall be the next in line.

I believe if he actively participate in the operation of his BH he will earn what he deserved.

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