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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Air Cooler Unit At A Seafood Resturant In Kuantan, Pahang !!!

While having seafood lunch in Kuantan, Pahang I was seated beside this huge air cooler.

At first it does not bother me very much.

After feeling the coolness from the air that were blowing to our table I just could not resist to have a closer look.

Hmm....may be this can help those BH with high internal temperature???

I thought to myself but I am not very happy with the sound that it generated.

The other problem is the water to top up the water in the main reservoir. If you use in a place that you enter once every month you need to modify the water supply to it.

Perhaps the fan speed should be run at the lowest speed facing the wall.

By this method the sound will be at its minimum.

Well no harm in trying something new but be careful to place the unit away from those bird nest areas. Those shits might be all over the cooler unit.

Enjoy the picture taken......

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