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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A New BH In Rawang, Selangor !!!

Two weeks ago I help a friend in Juru, Seberang Prai to launch his new BH.

After more then three weeks I finally managed to be at site to set the sound in operation. Before doing that he got his workers to clean the floor and ensure not a speck of dust on those floors.

The owner cleaned the nesting planks himself and waited for me to drive up to put his new BH in operation.

Last weekend launched a new BH in Sungai Rambai, Melaka. This new BH was a stand alone three stories high and the owner took about 5 months to get it up.

He was lucky that he found me via my blog. If not the whole project must have been put on hold.

I did the necessary and got everything in place. Apply the new BH aroma, the passionate and played my GoldPot external sound combined with the famous Black Cloud.

This weekend I have a special date with a newbie name Steve from Kuantan Pahang. A very young man who was given the task by his father to look after a 1.5 years old BH plus a new unit under construction.

"Pak Harry, I need to learn as much as I can from you. I am hopeful that the new unit, a standalone will perform better as compared to the other shop house unit."

I was in Kuantan about 10 days ago. Inspected the low nests density BH and make some serious recommendations.

I told Steve to follow my recommendations and call me back when it is ready.

Yes he called for me to be up there this Friday July 17th, 2009.

I am hopeful that all those list of things to do were done as per my recommendations.

This Friday will put the revamp BH into operation mode.

Well well well .....

I forgot to mention about the Rawang new BH in the making. My Brother who suddenly fell in love with swiftlet farming have gone ahead to convert a shop house too.

He got the owner to agree for a long term lease at a very reasonable price. I have good look at the place and I told him to go ahead. Main reason being there were lots of birds flying above the roof top both in the evening and morning.

The location was in between a few successful BHs.

He just finished talking on the phone. The converted unit is also ready for launching this weekend.

A busy months. It looks like every week there will be a new BH taken into operation gear.

I am glad with the development.

All these new BHs will become my center for my R&D on new products, sounds and aromas.

If they are are proven then the benefits will be my blog readers ......

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