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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Got Many Of Those Beetles On The Floor !!!

Usually if you introduce those fresh bird shits taken from your neighbours you will see lots of these black beetles on the floor.

They are actually feeding on those fermented birdshits.

Will they harm the birds?

My answer is no. They only feed on those shits and they will normally will not harm the animals that provide them with their source of food.

These beetles are harmless and they will normally breed and hide underneath the birdshits.

The only thing to be done is to control them so that they will not crawl to your neighbors's house or shops.

It will be a bit irritating to see them crawling all over the rooms.

The best is to regularly apply those insecticides once every three months. Use "Fendona" from BASF.

The recommended insecticide is odorless and kills only those insects with no backbones.

The amounth to be added to 5 liters of water is about 200ml.

One bottle will last a year.

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