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Oct 19th: Tumpat BH: Followup visit BH under revamp.

Oct 21st: Kluang BH: Delivery of items.

Oct 22nd: Kluang BH: Mobilization of staff n start work.

Oct 26th: Tumpat BH: Final inspection and sound selection.

Nov 5th: Giving a Talk at UPM Serdang Selangor.

Nov 8th" Swiftlet garden unit 1 revamp operation.

Nov 18 th: Swiftlet garden unit 2 revamp operation.

Nov 28th: Gemas BH: Revamp operation.

Dec 7th: Swiftlet garden unit 3 BH.

Dec 17th: Swiftlet garden unit no 4 BH.

Dec 27th: Kuala Kangsar BH revamp operation.

Jan 10th: Swiftlet garden unit no 5 BH

Jan 20th: Swiftlet garden unit no 6 BH.

Feb 1st: Sungai Burung BH revamp Operation.

Feb 11th: Swiftlet garden unit no 7 BH.

Feb 21: Swiftlet Garden unit no 8 BH.

Mar 1st: Swiftlet garden unit no 9 BH.

No Date: Inspection Of a BH at Bagan Dato.

No date: Bandar Baru BH revamp operation.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Visited Kota Tinggi and Pekan Sedili, Johor !!!!

For the sake of swiftlet farming I drove all the way to Kota Tinggi Johor meet someone who can be considered the father of swiftlet farming in Johore.

A very humble man, 58 years old, hailed from Kampung Choh, Setiawan, Perak.

I first met him at Pekan Nenas and felt in love with his unique idea of using two entrance holes in one.

Arrived in Kota Tinggi at about mid night on August 7th 2009 and found it hard to get a room to stay for the night.

Managed to get a room at a hotel called Nasha.

The next morning I was very surprised to be awaken by those bird call sounds. They came from all over. The four sides and above the Hotel. Yes the top floor was converted to be a BH.

Well after viewing those number of birds flying around I decided to check out and do some photography session while waiting for the man who introduced to me on the dual entry system.

Picked my camera and went all around town, walking.

Just have a look at these pictures and enjoy viewing them.

Managed to meet Mr.T and family for breakfast. He took me to Sedili town on the eastern part of kota tinggi.

I was taken into a BH belonging to him and he again showed me his dual entrance concept.

After the short visit we went to see his latest project of an Swiftlet Ecopark. About 100 units of BHs open for sale.

The 1st phase of 20 were like hot cakes and now going ahead with the second phase.

Each unit about 20'X 75' four stories going for RM800,000 complete with buildings, nesting planks and sound system.

He guarantee 100 nests within a year or you can return the unit if it failed.

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