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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Got Myself An IPhone 3Gs

After so many many years of using an ordinary mobile phone I have decided to buy myself a new phone.

This time an expansive high speed gadget that was recently launched by Maxis, the IPhone 3Gs.

Wow very interesting and maybe will help my work in keeping my blog writing more interesting.

I choose a sizable memory of 32Gig. Hopefully this will be enough to store all those pictures, clips, contact lists and so forth.

Today collected and currently trying to get use to store all my contacts. Hope I know how to transfer from my old phone over.

Just pray that it will not be stolen or lost !!!

If you should called, I might need to update your particulars. Just bare with me if I should ask who is calling.

1 comment:

Steve HANG said...

Hi, Harry.

If u subscribe any mobile broadband package,
more convenient for u to go online mobile.

Recently I found it very convenient to update facebook & read blog or surf Internet by just walking. XD

Steve HANG. =D