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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Be Careful When You Use Those Aromas !!!

(This picture have nothing to do with the story)

This is an interesting story about a mishap after using an untested aroma.

"Pak Harry, where are you? Can myself and my partner meet you some where in Rawang?"

Of course, I will be in Rawang in about one hour of so. Meet me there please.

After one hour he called again asking me to meet them at a mamak shop. It was already about 6:30pm.

Yes may I know your problems?

"Pak Harry we owned two BHs in BB and in the beginning the number of birds were quite a lot. The best was when we used your Mersing Sling and The Black Cloud. Then one day we decided to apply those aroma. We got them from a friend and did very little checking about the aroma's effectiveness.

That evening no birds wanted to enter. They keep circling around the entrance hole and refuse to enter.

We don't really know why and until today, almost three months, the situation is almost the same.

Can you give us some advise?"

Can I know the time of application?

"About 3-4 pm."

You did not test them first?

"No not at all"

How many liters you applied?

"1.5 liter."

Okay these can be the reasons:

Aroma do affect those birds liking to your BH. If you choose the wrong aroma they will refuse to enter. This is like today there was a new colony of swiftlets that have entered your BH.

If you look carefully in any successful BHs roving areas you notice that their walls are full of bird shits. Why suddenly on the wall and not on the floor? Can you stop and try to think how a swiftlet maneuver her flight to spit the shit onto those roving room wall? They are not easy but nevertheless they manage to do so.

So why do they bend their back and make a special maneuver just to have their shits on those walls? The answer is a territorial markings.

They mark their territory using their shit inside the roving room and not at other walls.

These bird shits marking gives a special smell that allow them to recognise which house belongs to them. They renew those shits on a regular basis.

When you apply those aromas, the same will happen. The aroma must have masked their own bird shit smell and as such they become confused thus not willing to enter the house.

This will be worse if the aroma was not properly tested in a small quantity prior to applying 1.5 liters in the BH.

You need to apply them in the morning and not just before they arrive home.

Start with a small volume and and if the aroma do show a good effects then you increase the dosage.

"So what can we do now?"

You have two choices. You can either wait until the smell goes away or go and clean those areas which you have applied.

From now on try to be very careful in using those aromas sold in the Market. If you wish to try do in a smaller dosage for testing. If they birds likes them then increase the volume.

For me I still believed you should try using those natural aroma especially fresh bird shits and raw nests water on a continuous basis.

If you find any new aroma in the market you need to think carefully before applying them. Try to get to know the source where the aroma was manufactured, by whom and how many BHs have used it successfully. You also need to know the exact methods how to apply them. Do not assume the procedures.

Remember some aromas should never be applied on those wooden nesting planks and some does. If you should apply those aromas for the floor onto the nesting planks your BH will be empty forever.

I never realised how fast the time flies. I excused myself after three solid hours of talking about their BHs.

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