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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Best Set Of Swiftlet Related Books For Newbies !!!

Today I post lajued a couple of items ordered by some of my blog readers.

There were four of them. Two to Thailand, one to Johore and one to Melaka.

The most popular items is the mist maker then the Hygrostat then comes those magnificent swiftlet related books.

"Pak Harry, I am new in this swiftlet industry, can you recommend the best collection of books for me to start reading?"

Well my answer is always the same.

If you are a Christian you should carry with you those "Bible" while if you are a Muslim make sure you have the "Koran".

But if you want to be involved in Swiftlet Farming, my best bet are these two:

1) Swiftlets of Borneo written by Mr Lim Chan Koon and Earl of Cranbrook

2) The Guidebook to Breeding Swiftlets in Farming House by Dr. E. Nugroho and Dr. Whendrato.

They should always be at your bed side for easy reading and they will give you lots of understanding about those beautiful creatures.

Those who do not have these two books in their custody I would say that you have yet to qualify to be a swiftlet farmer. You are not in the right frame of mind to be one.

You are not doing the right thing and all those things that you have done were carried out blindly.

You will be surprised if I would say that you will be a very different person after you read the two books and understand their special characters and behaviours.

My very sincere advise to you is to quickly get these two books as your first step and slowly get other books to add to your collection.

Trust me you will be a better person once you follow my advise !!!!

Note: The two books can be purchased from some of those specialised book shops. If you have any difficulties please let me know. I normally keep a few sets for those who are serious about swiftlet farming......

You may want to add another good book that is "The Secrect of Successful BH" by the same author Nugroho.

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