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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Report About My Trip To Mukah, Sarawak !!!

The trip to Sibu then to Mukah then to Serikei and finally back to Sibu was an exciting events.

I was looking forward to see those Swiftlet Farming landmarks towns in Sarawak.

These three towns seem to have the largest numbers of BH in the whole of Sarawak.

My visit was sponsored by a BH owner named Lim.

A very young guy who works in a Sibu Ship Building as a Welder.

On a part time basis he currently operated not less then 5 BHs in Sibu, Mukah and Serikei.

Out of the five, that he was talking about, one was doing pretty well while the rest were not.

I was specially flowned to have good look at what went wrong with with the three.

Let me highlight the trip.

The moment I touched down in Sibu, Mr Lim and one of his partner was with their Honda saloon, waiting for me at the airport.

The moment I entered the car, I was like going to a place of no returns.

"Pak Harry, we are taking you straight to Mukah and look at my first unit. We will put up a night in Mukah and the next morning will move to Serikei. After that we will return to Sibu."

Well I told them it was okay and due to my excitement I did not really ask how the journey going to be.

From Sibu we took a reasonably good highway. The moment we entered a juction towards Mukah, I was really piss off. The under construction road were devastating. Just imagine driven more then 30 kilometers at 20km/hr?

Dusty with lots of potholes, lorries ladent with coal, buses, 4 wheel drive cars, petroleum laden lorries and so forth.

We took more then 3 hours to cover the 30km streach. I was beginning to feel my back got this terrible paint.

I told Mr Lim that his car exhaust pipe must have been broken into pieces. The bumping into numerous pot holes was making me very very nervous I told him.

I was relieved when we reached civilisation, a proper tarred road.

Frankly with this bad experiences I will no longer volunteer to visit Mukah unless the road is ready (estimated about 2 more years) or take those small plane direct from Kuching.(Don't worry I was just joking).

Mukah town is small with a few rows of shops. I was given the opportunity to have a view of the BH that was raided by Perhilitan sometime back.

The best was to visit my first wooden structured BH located on stilts and inside Nipah Trees plantation. Lots of mud crabs and those mud skippers around the place.

You need to use those 10 inches wide planks walkways to reach the BH. If you are not carefull you will slip and get muddy !!!

Amazing and I was given a very good tour of this unique BH. (Will report in details later).

I was also told that there are many BHs in Sarawak made of similar construction materials and they works well?????

Put a night in a small Hotel in Mukah just about 2 minutes walks from the raided BH.

The next morning I we started as early at 6.00am towards Serikei but must first take the same rotten highway under construction. Oh my God, I think my backbones must have slipped.

Reached Serikei about 10 am. Was taken to another wooden BH at the back of Mr Lim house and after inspecting the 2nd BH went into Serikei Main town.

I was asked to have a look at another of his BH with dual holes in the Monkey house.

Unbelievable and I find it rather amusing when someone with very little knowledge trying to lure the birds by placing those tweeters on the shop house floor.

After those two BHs Mr Lim took me around and I managed to snap a few pictures for my blog.

The same night we came back to Sibu. In Sibu there were a few blog readers waiting for my arrival. Met Mr Louis, Mr Yee, Mr Lu and Wong. There was also a pretty lady who suddently wanted to meet me the same night that I arrived in Sibu.

The following day I was given another task to look at a 1.5 years old BH with only about 12 nests.

Interesting and I will be happy to write and post all those pictures taken during the trip.

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