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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A New Sample Of Birdnest From Same BH Before and After !!!

Yesterday I hurried to Setiawan to deliver some items plus wanted to have a look at a real proof on the effect of those soundless humidifiers.

"Pak Harry, I just harvested a batch of nests from my BH after I installed those soundless humidifiers. Why don't you drop by and collect some samples. Please bring along those diaphram pump."

This special invitation was from a very good friend who happened to be the first person that I know off who uses those soundless humidifiers.

He started using them about three months ago.

The nests look so white and cleaned. He showed me a dozen of them. All looks nearly the same. Just whitish and clean.

He showed me a similar nests that he plucked prior to the installation.

"Harry, look at the different and it is something that we cannot deny. The nests produced after the installation are much cleaner and white."

I took a sample of the white and the old brownish/yellowish in color for my own purposes.

I would like to share the photo that I took using my new iphone.

Please have a good look and tell me which one belongs to the new batch?

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