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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Smallest Entrance Hole I Have Ever Seen !!!

Everyday you will learn something new. Those that you think impossible is actually not really so.

Remember usually on the average the tip to tip length of an average size swiftlet is about 10 inches (25cm).

So if that is so how small can you design your BH entrance hole?

The answer is 12 inches. You give one inch clearance on the left and one inch on the right.

Will it works? God know how but there were about 12 nests in this house.

Have a look that the picture taken in Serikei, Sarawak. Look at the top area being blocked by two tweeters.....

I was really taken back and this might be one of the reason why Mr.Lim BH is having difficulties in getting more birds entering.

Can you imagine if there are two birds trying to squeeze into the hole.

What about when one in coming in and one is going out?

Well got to wait in a Q I guess !!!

These are some strange things that I discovered during the three days trip to Sibu.

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