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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Will Be The Ideal Running Hours Using The Soundless Humidifiers ???

(Look closely at how I arrange the nozzle of the humidifier. I actually push the mist onto the wall,sideway. Why???)

How can we maximise the use of the so called soundless humidifiers?

How should it be put into operation per day?

From what time to what time?

I received a number of calls and emails asking about the proper use of this soundless humidifier gadget.

Looking at the unit, it is nothing more then a mist maker that turned water into mist. These mist are actually water in another form. Once they are out of the gadget they will start to vapourise and cool down the surrounding. Excess mist will fall down onto the floor and stays there until they are evaporated and some will turn into water and perhaps wet the floor.

As for our BH, we know for sure that the house will get heated up by about 10:00am. What I meant is that the room temperature will start to climb upward the moment those heat from the morning sun managed to travel from the outer surface of the bricks or roof ceiling into the inner surface of the house. Those walls or ceiling will started to heat the air inside.

If you open those ventilation holes, this will add more heat, the outside air will pollute your internal air with their heat. (Shut those holes during very early stage of the BH operation).

This will continue until about 10:00pm. Assuming that the low temperature of your BH is around 27*C and the highest is around 32*C you know that by 10:00 am the 27*C will start to move upwards and by 10:00pm the maximum will be reached at 32*C. Then the temperature will start to dip.

So you know that that will be the time range that you have to be careful about.

Your objective now is to slow down the heating and at the same time reduce the maximum to 29*C.

To me the most logical thing to do is to start the humidifier at around 9:30am or earlier. Let the humidifier flood the BH,half an hour at least, with as much mist as possible to get ready for the heat coming in from those walls and ceiling at around 10:00am. You might want to start much earlier say 9:00am.

When do you think you can stop the humidifiers?

The maximum temperature will be at its maximum at around 10:00pm. So why don't you stop the humidifier at about 10:00pm? Remember the humidifier generate no sound. So you can run them even during those moments, from 6.00pm till 8:00pm, when those birds are rushing home.

The next thing that you need to be careful about will be the maximum humidity that these humidifiers will generate.

I recommend the use of thermohygrometer where you can check the highest humidity and temperature. By having the gadget you will be able to make sure that the highest humidity will not pass the 95%.

If it does you need to reduce the operation hours to get the precise humidity.

You can cut down the operating hours from maximum 10:00pm to perhaps 9:00pm. If you want to be more precise use Hygrostats.

You might need to work on this until you get the right humidity and temperature that you want your BH to be.

If the humidity is still too high then you need to further reduce the time to stop to maybe 8:00pm???? Why not???

Good luck to all of you and keep up the good work to get the most conducive BH room temperatures an humidity. Use those soundless humidifier correctly.

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