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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Most Successful Birdhouse In Setiawan, Perak !!!

I heard so much about this peculiar birdhouse and it was said to be one of the most successfull birdhouse in Setiawan, Perak.

I am sure many newbies have never have a chance to drive up to Setiawan and have a good look at the building.

I took some pictures and please have a look at the exterior of the building (I was not given the opportunity to enter the BH).

This building looks quite old and located in a simpang empat (road junction) in a small town call Kampong Koh.

It was said that the building monthly production was as high as 100 kilograms a month (I might be wrong but this was what was informed to me by someone).

The building consisted of two sections, the front and the back. The front consisted of four unit of shop lots of four stories high while the back also about three buildings but three stories high.

Total areas, I calculated, front 4 units X 20 feetX 80 feetX 4 stories = 25,600 feet2
Back portion 3units X 20 feet X 80 feet X 3 stories = 14,400 feet2
Total nesting and roving areas 25,600 feet + 14,400 = 40,000 square feet.

Sizable and the maximum kilograms that it can produce is 4,000 kilos (based on one kilogram per square meter).

The owner was said to be a retired police officer.

The unique thing is that the building is covered with potted plants all around. Lots of water pails around the potted plants and the road seem to be turned into gravel rocks that served as a water evaporators.

I walked around the building and counter the number of other birdhouses in the vicinity. There were plenty until could not keep up with their numbers. Some are 5 to 7 stories and more new buildings were build in this specific area.

This looks like the walet central of Setiawan, Perak.


Dave said...

Harry,r u talking of the oldest BH in Kg Koh where the ground floor is a Chinese clan association facing inside away from the main road?If it is,then your info is not that accurate.
All the new 4 storey buildings beside and behind the old 3 storey dont belong to the same owner.The retired police officer owns only the 2 units of the 3 storey where ground floors is where the association located and started way back to late 80s.This can be considered the 1st BH(natural occurence)in the area.However,the yield is not what your friend claimed.Its estimated at only 20 to 30 kg and mostly of lower grades.U know why?1)old design with no room and convenience to upgrade to modern technique.2)majority young birds prefer next door 5 star hotels than the old boarding house.3)the owner at late 70s doesnt want more than he can chew.
Did u park your car at the back lane directly behind the building?If so,then u would be given a car wash.The nice and considerate owner used to engage car wash specialist to wash any car parked at the lane FOC.So,every local are happy and thus,no complaint.

Opinions gathered from most BH owners that they dont mind their BHs being appreciated but they appreciate unfounded and sensitive speculations from 3rd party should be avoided so not to invite for them the unneccesary troubles such as thefts "with or without license".
Few years ago,this BH used to be forced to split the dividen by "unauthorised shareholders" for no less than 10 times in a year,the break-ins.So,u understand their uneasiness and feeling?

Harry said...


Thank U for your imputs. I am sure the information is valuable to all those who do not have a chance to visit Kg Choh.

Thank U again.


jane said...

Hi Harry, firstly thanks 4 the effort and creativity you put into your blog site, interaction is the way to go with learning. It's always amazing to "hear" people thinking and giving out information. After viewing this building I am wondering how big would a dwelling have to be to reasonably accommodate 5,000 nests ? What would the yield be is it divided into say 2 or 3 harvests ? That is after the nesting was established.

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