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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
Calling for participants to this special Swiftlet Farming Seminar to be held in Sandakan, Sabah. You will be given the opportunity to learn and at same time to enter two BHs plus how to prepare MV3 aroma, Seminar will be held at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan Sabah. For detail please PM 0177551318

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A New Twist On Vietnam BH So Called "Infection" !!!!

It does not make sense and I am still very confuse over this event where about 4000 birds found dead in a BH located in a coastal town called Phan Rang, Vietnam.

It occurred inside a BH with 100,000 birds total population.

There were a few factors that might have contributed to this unusual phenomena.

1) The hot weather in Vietnam was the first suspect.  Temperature went up to above 40*C.  A very unusual hot summer in Vietnam.

2) The house was said to be very small and no longer able to hold the growing number.

3) The air circulation system in the BH was not proper.

4) The ownership of the BH seems to change hand and was not well look after by the new management.

5) The old owner was not happy with the transaction and he was suspected of doing something not proper.

This particular incident rocked the swiftlet nest market and every BH owner in Vietnam and Malaysia have a severe shock syndrome.

It was initially suspected due to the bird's flu but thank to the Vietnam Health Department that confirmed that it was not.

It was more towards the poor ventilation coupled with a scotching hot weather (40*C).

The BH after proper ventilation was put in placed reduces the number of dead birds from thousands to only 6-7 birds dead per day on the floor. 6-7 per day out of 100,000 birds looks okay to me.

If the death number is 1000-2000 a day might be suspicious or confirmed.

If the so called bird flu affected those birds I believed more will continue to die and soon all will be affected.

The Vietnamese authorities inspected nearly all BHs in Vietnam in one month and found that there was no similar case.

It will also affect other BHs around or closed by to it.

This did not happened and when that happened you might want to do further investigation that can be due to some sought of human intervention.

There was something fishy with the BH ownership.

The BH was said to be transferred ownership and during the said transaction someone was not happy with the transfer process.

When one party who still hold the keys to the door of the BH is not happy things might happened can be very cruel.

Not to the new owner but to the total industry.

I am trying to get more information about the SAGA and I hope it will be resolved soon.

Read this translated report about the incident can be found at:

Ninh Thuan: Many "irregular" around disclosure service Banquet
Less than one week after the announcement of Ninh Thuan province A/H5N1 flu in Thanh Binh base (line 592 of Unification, Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan province) of JSC Vietnam Nest, bird nest market in many countries have moved. Almost all transactions are stalled bird nest, the birds nest anxious, confused consumers and foreign companies are importing goods from Vietnam bird nests and wait for official information. Reporter Newspaper Journalist and Public Opinion conducted an actual investigation going on in Ninh Thuan province, found many factors "surprise" and the lack of transparency surrounding the story on bird flu.
Announcing services based on test results "obscure"???

Tracing information from international sites and data sources by a number of scientists to provide biological Vietnam, to the present time, the bird discovered in Ninh Thuan is the A/H5N1 flu virus first case in the world. This information becomes "hot sauce" because people worried and official publication services from state agencies. The problem is that when a thorough understanding of information, we found out a lot more worthy of public attention.

The test result is negative (uninfected) birds nest at the base of Thanh Binh.

First, until this moment, right now is the Yen Vietnam Joint Stock Company (managing unit basis Thanh Binh birds nest) is not in the hands of legal documents test bird flu virus A/H5N1, all infected birds nest information is information "mouth" of the authorities of Ninh Thuan province. While, according to Prof. Dr. Nguyen Khoa Dieu Thu, Head of the Animal Cell Technology - Institute of Tropical Biology (Institute of Science - Technology Vietnam) analysis: "The process of testing and publication services the bird must be taken very seriously and thoroughly to ensure accuracy. The test results must be signed by the issuing agency functions and competence tests, full of scientific and laboratory measures implemented. In particular, the bird samples were tested to confirm the parties sealed specimens. Can not be declared based on the lack of strict procedures, sample source is unclear. "

Replies to information related to the test results, Ms. Dang Pham Minh Loan, General Director of JSC Vietnam confirms Nest: House bird Thanh Binh is one of the major assets of the business. However, the handling of the birds will not affect the operation of our business. We are confident the authorities in Ninh Thuan province, agreed with the decision to handle the birds at the bird Thanh Binh ". However, when the PV to see the minutes of the test specimens, and test results form the text of the legal authorities, the representatives of JSC Vietnam honest Yen said: "Until now the companies only to hear the announcement of the meeting. We have absolutely no legal documents to provide to the press because the authorities are keeping ". Currently, the Corporation is known Vietnamese Yen store only answer sheet test results identify birds nest "negative" with A/H5N1 virus (uninfected - PV) from the Central Veterinary Institute Division and Animal Health Agency Zone 6.

The neighboring nest undetected infection

One point worth noting is that when PV penetration Newspaper NB & CL Emirates Road area, Long Dao ward, Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan Province to learn the birds nest nearby Thanh Binh base, the ability to get information agency: The authorities have repeatedly sampled in the other nest and test results were not detected H5N1 bird virus. According to Le Anh Tuan, a bird farms in the alley 586 Thong said: I really urgent because his impoverished throat should not dare to say. Authorities do it, then you are on your own civilians dare say. If the disease is really make this whole area neighbors have been infected because around here and lots of birds nest close together. Currently around without any dead birds, the government here is to check at several facilities and most have no dead birds.
Mr. Van Council, 590 residents living in the Emirates, TP. Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan Province
adjacent base Thanh Binh birds nest.

Representing families, household birds nest in the 586/2 Unified affirmed previously without notice sporadic outbreaks are also dead bird on the roof, this is perfectly normal for men hundreds of thousands of birds also have the old, the sick, the dying. Own this matter, Animal Health Agency Zone 6 households tested many birds nest nearby Thanh Binh base, but did not detect any infected birds. Tin Nghia, Nghia Owners specialized equipment bird house (number 412 Thong Nhat Dist. Phan Rang) states: In many years of working as technical consultants installation, construction of the birds nest this is the first time I heard the bird information A/H5N1 influenza virus infection, I was surprised and not convinced of this information.

In particular, he documents the Council, 87 years old, live in the home 590 Thong Nhat Thanh Binh base adjacent edge states: In all this time, he was not on the roof of the bird's nests have died. All family activities normally take place until service time listening publication. "The best offense is a lot of people to kill the bird, put in the big bag and bring destruction, that looks painful" - he shared the same sadness.

Talking to the Reporter, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Binh, Director of the Animal Health Region 6 said: We made a courtesy for testing samples of infected birds brought to the Animal Health Agency Zone 6. However, Mr Binh also shared practical detecting H5N1 bird virus is too new. When PV ask questions about any likely "man-made disease" for A/H5N1 virus infected bird or not, he shared Rating: On a practical level, potentially giving patients infected bird is possible. In scientific research and experimental teaching, people often create disease strains to help students who study science experiments deployment process. 

Agreeing with Mr. Binh, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Khoa Dieu Thu urgent: With over a decade of experience specializing in bird research, I suspect H5N1 bird virus. Suggest authorities should seriously check sampling procedures, tests, ensure the objectivity, accuracy and honesty. Each published information related to the disease should be carefully scrutinized in every way, even if the actual findings and see a few samples of dead birds infected with the A/H5N1 virus also takes time thorough research before hastily announced epidemic.

Detecting internal disputes in Vietnam Nest Corporation

During the investigation process information about events happening in the birds nest in Ninh Thuan province, we discovered "facts" surrounding the new executive management Nest Corporation Vietnam.Specifically, the company previously founded and operated by Thai Vo Lam, however, in recent years, due to poor management and a violation of the principles of finance, Mr. Lam has no power control management and operating company. Investment Representatives Vinacapital and other shareholders holding the majority shares (67%) in this business. Although still a minority stake in the company than CP Yen Vietnamese, Thai Vo Lam song to "appear" on the market as represented Salanganes'Nest Co. Thang Long (Dragonnest) - an enterprise is next direct competition with Vietnam Nest Corporation.

In addition, many other notable details such as the time of discovery of mass bird deaths at the facility as well as the time Thanh Binh Vo Lam Thai place in the area birds nest. "The Forest and the ones he helped himself to a dead bird samples tested and the test results are not paid for the company. The fact that the present time, all birds template, sample the authorities are thoroughly tested for negative results, does not detect A/H5N1 virus. Samples from birds after publication offers, after the company did not allow him into the swift nor Lam infected "- represent Vietnam Nest Corporation share.

According to Mr. Le Danh Hoang, the owner of a business specializing in birds nest in the city, said: In the case of disease, make sure the sample is infected bird droppings. If only some dead birds infected (uninfected birds), which control the disease process tests not close, people have the right to doubt the authenticity of infected birds. "Currently, there are many ways to create mass deaths of birds nest.Authorities wish to closely examine, including the police request an investigation into whether or not the ability to destroy, unfair competition with each other. This is serious because it involves both birds nest industry and mining products from nests, bird nests to ensure Vietnam brand on the world market "- Mr. Hoang analysis list.

We will continue to seek information related to this incident and provide you read in the next article. 

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