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Monday, May 20, 2013

Selangor King (Sel-King) In Vietnam !!!

Recently a friendly party tested my new Sel-King external sound in Vietnam.

He was kind enough to capture a video clip during the test.

He wanted me to share with my blog readers.

Look at this special clip:


Something special about the BH tested.

The BH was put into operation for only 6 months.

The total number of nests was above 300.

According to my source the owner uses "SuperBabyKing" as his internal sound.

He uses lots of internal sound tweeters plus fake nests.

He applied Super Pheromone on all his fake nests and corners.

His original external sound is a medley of the most powerful sounds he collected and most of it were from Pak Harry album.

I am happy that he complied to my ideas during the design.

I hope that more people will be as successful as he is.

To those who wanted to try this new sound please call 017 7551318 or write to

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