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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Began Mobilizing My Workers To Kapar, Kuala Selangor !!!

The weather was scotching hot and what was agreed upon must be done.

After the long trip from Sungai Patani, I quickly got my boys to Kapar.

The owner was waiting for me and my workers.

The moment we arrived I took my workers inside and told them what I wanted them to start with.

The first will be to erect those walls or partitions to guide the new birds down to the lowest floor.

"Our design criteria is to block them or make it more difficult to stop at the top and the middle but push all to the bottom floor." my advise to my workers.

It is also important to allow those morning light to enter the LALs and allows it to guide those birds out in the morning.

The connecting door between the monkey house and the top floor LAL areas need to be relocated.

Once that is done I wanted a kind of total closure of the top floor with a small door for those old tenants.

On the middle floor I also wanted the LAL areas to be tighten up.

The moment then start going down the first LAL I wanted them not to stop at the middle floor but fly right to the bottom.

It is a known fact that the ground floor and the middle floor are the most conducive with lower temperature and lesser light.

We need to pull them down and prevent them from nesting on the top most floor.

Once these partitions are done I will focus on the creation of VIP rooms on the middle floor and ground floor.

They will be with more wood crossing, cluster tweeters, fake nests and perhaps perfume garden.

Once ready I will post some pictures for all to view.

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