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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Wrong Way Of Installing Your Internal Sound Tweeter Found At Lukut !!!

(A wrong way to install those internal sound tweeters) 

After more than 3 years the Lukut BH has only about 5-6 nests.

Can you imagine the frustration inside this BH owner?

Well he is not alone.

There are many thousands more have the same experience that he has.

"Harry I have invested at least RM400K and after three years only 5-6 nests.  Every month the cost of utility is about 60 ringgit."

The return of investment is not good at all and he regretted for making that decision.

"I should have earn a better and steady income if I have put in into a mutual fund"

Well a decision was made and the only thing that he need to do now is to perhaps find ways to correct his investment.

He was very lucky to have discovered me and told me that he has been reading my blogs for sometime.

What make him to contact me was his happiness when I inform him about all those revamp jobs that helps many sick birdhouse.

During my visit to his BH I listed all the things that were not proper in it.

One very disturbing error was the way those

internal sound tweeters were installed.

I did highlighted the same error before but let me repeat about this same error.

The installer should be more sensitive to the needs of those young couples.

If they love to cling to the internal sound tweeters give it to them.

Try not to make life very difficult to them.

The way those internal sound tweeters stuck to the ceiling (look at the above picture) is wrong.

Why done we allow them to hang on it and their body touches the tweeter?

Use my cluster tweeter arrangement techniques.

(The right way of tweeters installation, look at the nests all over the place?)

Increase the tweeters numbers to at least 150-180 pieces on each floor.

Put them into two on alternate crossing joins.

I sketched the design configuration and told him that this would make those young couples to stay put in his BH and soon build their nests around the tweeters.

So if you BH have the same tweeters installation please call me at 017 7551318.

Let me help you with some proven methods.

(Also not right)

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