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Monday, March 31, 2014

Lukut BH Under Revamp Operation !!!

After scrutinizing my visit report for about 2 days, the Lukut BH owner called me to start work.

"Harry I want you to finish the revamp works withing 4 days." he said.

I was not very happy over the short period of time given.

My main worry is that if I hurry to finish my boys might skip some of those things that I wanted them to finish.

I told the owner not to push me to finish because I prefer to make sure that the final work done is proper.

In meeting his budget I focus on the middle floor.

Today if not because of the power supply I might have wrapped up the partitions erection.

There was no power supply for almost two hours and we need to forget entering the BH after 6:00pm.

When I left for Kuala Lumpur the power supply was still not on.

There are a number of things to bring over tomorrow and I hope I can be back in Lukut before lunch hour.

Hope to finish the scope of work by Monday or Tuesday.

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