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Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Perfume Garden Used In Raub, Pahang !!!

I was a kind of resting after a one day maintenance works at a BH in Melaka.

Whole body aching and the owner of the BH suggested to me to go for a full body massage.

Well I did not answer his request but how I wish he should be the one who sponsor the rub.

During yesterday's maintenance visit I was a bit upset that the owner did not shut his water tap.

He must have forgotten about it and the whole ground floor was flooded.

Since I wanted to do something on the affected floor I did my best to scoop the water and that might be why my body was aching.

This trip to this special BH is to apply the double concentration liquid pheromone.

What I did was to select the most active location on the floor and clean those nesting planks.

I can see that there were a number of them with white colored patches.

Once cleaned I installed about 50 styrofoam fake nests.

On every of them I applied the double concentration liquid.

I added the room with about eight pieces of containers filled with the liquid.

The 8 bottles were locked onto the nesting planks.

I used to call them Perfume Garden.

Today a BH owner from Raub called.

"Hey Harry I followed your idea installing those perfume garden and it works!!!"

To proof his point he whatsApp a couple of pictures.

Upon viewing those pictures I told him that nearly all his fake nests were with nest.

He should look into deploying more but this time with a special mission.

His special mission right at this moment is to encourage his BH tenants to start building their nests on the flat areas and not the 90* angles.

He agreed with me and he promised to carry out my idea as soon as he visit his BH.

Happy for him and I am so glad that he was keen to share his success.

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