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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sandakan BH Owner Honored My Inspection Services !!!

All I did was to divert my flight from Tawau to Sandakan.

I cancelled my flight out direct to Kota Kinabalu since I sense a very serious problem is brewing in Sandakan.

Today, February 21st 2014, the owner came to pick me up and proceeded to his poorly performed BH.

Only about 50 nests after 3 years into operation.

The BH was about 25 feet wide by 60 feet long  with a very high and slanting ceiling about 14 feet.

The moment I stepped into the BH I notice something very common.

It was way too bright.

I could see those walls and the culprit was the main entrance hole and three large air ventilation holes.

I quickly told the owner that he need to do something serious to reduce the amount of light polluting his BH nesting room.

The next error was the use of external sound as internal sound.

How can BH owner cannot differentiate the different between internal and external sound?

I advised him to spend some time to learn about swiftlet sounds. 

He need to get familiar with both the internal and external sounds.

I was not happy with the BH nesting planks being too wide and without adequate crossing woods.

My advise to him on the matter was to provide adequate crossing simply because he can get more nesting areas plus the fact that he can introduce more 90* corners.

As usual the number of internal sound tweeters was too little.

Push it up to at least 300 pieces and install them precisely as per my sketch.

I encouraged him to start using as many fake nests as possible.

Every sound tweeter shall have a piece of the fake nest beside it.

I was adamant on the erection of partition walls with a door about 3 feet wide and 8 feet high.

The doors of the two walls erected must be in a straight line.

The setting of all his amplifiers were not right.

I recommended a new method to play the sounds.

Both internal and external sound shall use two amplifiers.

The external shall be operated from 6:30 am till 3:00pm while the second unit shall start at 3:00pm and stop at 7:30pm.

The internal sound amplifier setting shall be to support the external sound amplifiers.

He should get his night time playing amplifier to start at a higher volume at 7:15 pm till 7:00 am.

The second amplifier shall operate from 7:00 am till 7:15 pm.

I pushed him to start looking at a proper use of the super pheromone spray and liquid.

He should not half halfheartedly used them but must be full of commitment.

If he is serious to see lots of changes inside his BH I told him that he has very little choice but to focus on the pheromone.

Every time he visit he must carry with him a canister if the pheromone.

All those fake nests to be sprayed and all those markings to be too.

After three months I told him to go with the application of liquid super pheromone onto those nesting planks.

I assured him that once all those recommended steps were installed his BH nests numbers will doubled.

His SMS message after receiving my visit report sound like this:

"Tq very much Mr Harry for your inspection and great recommendations and especially to visit my BH only mine while you are in Sandakan.  I appreciate so much as my great mentor"

I told him that he was very lucky to have me over to view his BH.

He should continued his BH nests number will stay at 50 for a long long time.

Those error of having to bright light inside plus the used of external sound as internal sound were major mistakes.

I hope all my recommendations will be taken seriously by him.

I promised to fly in to inspect his BH once he complete the revamp operation.

So if your BH is facing the same situation please call 017 7551318017 7551318.

(I was busy writing the visit report)

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