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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
Calling for participants to this special Swiftlet Farming Seminar to be held in Sandakan, Sabah. You will be given the opportunity to learn and at same time to enter two BHs plus how to prepare MV3 aroma, Seminar will be held at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan Sabah. For detail please PM 0177551318

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Karangan, Kulim BH Visit Report !!!

A four stories tall BH with about 30 nests after 2-3 years into operation.

About twenty nests were on the top most floor, five on the third floor, two on the first floor and three on the lowest floor.

This is another case of a BH owner who though that to bring those birds is nothing more than erecting a building, put those planks and play the music.

The best part was that he was playing sounds given by a good friend who happened to get the sounds from Pak Harry.

"Pak Harry how come we used your sounds but still those birds still do not want to populate our BH?" he asked.

Well in the first place you did not get my blessing?

You got it from a third party and he have no right to distribute those sounds without my blessing.

Well I did not say those words but it was a good excuse to tell people not to simply used my favorite sounds without my consent.

The whole story about why this BH failed have something to do with the internal condition of it.

I took about 40 minutes to inspect the BH and watched from which direction those birds were flying home.

The inspection inside resulted in the following discoveries:

1) The Tunnel Design Makes It Difficult For Those birds to Populate the lower floors.
I told the owner that his BH design is not the kind that will encourage those birds to populate the lower floors.
Unless the top floors are filled up they will be very lazy to populate the lower floors.
Again if the main entrance hole is not facing the East (morning sun) most of the birds will be staying only the floor nearest to the entrance hole.

2)Nearly 15-20 percents of the nesting planks were covered with fungus.

I told the owner that this might be the top most important reason in my long list of things that are not proper with his BH.
The main factor why those fungus grew so well was due to the nesting planks quality and the wetness of the nesting rooms.
Beside the BH floor being pretty wet he also rear Talapia fish on the perimeter of his BH.
He need to quickly remove all those planks that were affected and replace with new planks.
This time around I recommend them to choose the planks direct from the sawmill and not from local hardware shops.

2) My next observation direction and the size of the main entrance hole.

His BH entrance hole was a bit too small with at least three different types of external sound tweeters.
His excused was the owls problems.  He has already killed three owls so far.
I put aside this reason because I still feel that the entrance hole should be big enough to allow those young birds to feel safe when entering.

The use of too many types  of tweeters brand can be a great disadvantage.
The sound will be louder on those tweeters that are of least resistance thus the rest will served no function.

The BH was with only one entrance and it was facing perfect South.
With no additional window facing the East to bring in the morning light was not adequate.
If he continues to operate only the top most floor will be occupied. 
Maybe some at the second floor.

3) He uses a deep tunnel type.

This particular design will make it very difficult to pull those birds to the lowest floor.
Unless he is well versed with those birds reactions with sound he might know what to do.
I told him what was actually wrong and how he might pull those birds down.

4) He love to breed those fruit flies but I was not very so keen.

The owner have his special method to breed those fruit flies.  He bought those rotting pineapple and grind them to slurries.
The smell of rotting pineapple filled the air might not be attractive to those birds.
What I found was that the birds that were playing at his BH window were big size.
Big size means lots of food around the area.
There must be lots of insect around his BH as such there is no need to breed those very tiny insect. If he still insisted to do so I prefer the pineapple be placed in a separate building outside the BH.

5) External sound tweeters arrangements.

This BH was with external sound only at the front part but not at the back of the nesting rooms.

I advised him to consider pulling those birds to the back of the rooms.

6) The internal sound tweeters.

The internal sound tweeters were wrongly positioned.  All of them were facing the side walls and not the flight path when those birds entered his BH.
The current orientation makes it very difficult for those birds to turn and latch onto those tweeters at high speed.
The tweeters numbers were low and I advised the owner to adopt the cluster tweeters arrangement.

7) The nesting rooms were all bare and opened.

I was not very keen on the way the rooms were divided.  No walls to make the nesting rooms more condusive.
I laid down some sketch on how the wall to be erected and where the door should be.

8) External sounds.

During the visit the owner informed me how he got my set of sounds.  Five of them and he played all of them for quite some time.
I told him that he should not play more than 2 sounds and one time but not five.

Those sounds were too old and he need to upgrade to some new sounds.

9) The nesting planks were also bare.

I educate them about what is important as a new BH owner.
Your main aim is to populate your BH with birds.
For the time being forget about the shape, the size, the weight of those nests but go for numbers of birds staying inside.
Pay attention to what they like and dislikes and do the needful.
Do everything that he can to push the birds population to at least 300 pairs.
This was where I push the idea of using those fake nest laced with my Super Pheromone.
I guarantee him that once installed at least 50% will be tenanted.
If he install 300 pieces he will sure secure at least 150 pairs of birds on the 150 fake nests.

Overall I told the BH owner that based on the test conducted his BH have a very strong chance of getting back those birds .

He need to follow my recommendations to the dot and perhaps give me a few months to correct the things installed inside.

Once revamped, cleaned and applied with the super pheromone I give my words that his nests will be doubled within 3- 4 months.

He was very happy with my list of comments and now waiting for my written report.

Those of you who happened to own BH with little nests inside, please call 017 7551318 for the sake of your BH and your investment.

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