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Productivity Seminar And LPP Forum !!!

My final talk on Swiftlet Farming Productivity organized by Jabatan Veterina will be held on May 6th 2015 at Grand Beach Resort Hotel, Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan.

The seminar will be from 8:30 am and ended at 5:00 pm.

This might be my last talk organized by MOA for year 2915. My involvement started in December 2014 at Penang followed by (2015) Johore, Trengganu and Sarawak.

I have to thank them for allowing me to stand at least 6 hours during every session to talk about how to improve BH productivity.

Just a few days ago I was invited by LPP to participate in one of the forum. It will be held in Kuala Trengganu and so far no firm location.

Another interesting activity which I am sure those who attend the two functions will benefit a lot from my talk.

My Schedule For Next Week April and May 2015

April 26th 2015 - BH Maintenance visit to Lenggong Perak.

April 27th - 29th - Trip to Setiu Trengganu for BH inspection.

May 1- 5th 2015 - Trip to Jawi and Sungai Patani.

May 5th 2015 - visit a BH in Rembau N9

May 5th-6th - Delivering a speech at Productivity seminar Port Dickson.

May 12th 2015- Delivering a speech at LPP forum at Kuala Trengganu.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Insane Idea On How To Get Them To Hear The Internal Sound !!!

So you think Pak Harry in insane or mad or he is carried away.

Well well well.

He is not what you think because there are others who are worst than him.

During my recent Swiftlet Farming Seminar, I took the pleasure to request one of the Seminar participant to relate his success stories.

How he started and what he have achieved so far.

At first he was reluctant but after persuasion and my encouragement he came forward.

He relate how he started and how he stumbled onto Pak Harry blog.

He was initially blank about swiftlet farming but his desire to learn was so great that he enrolled into one of my seminar and stayed back in Malaysia for one week to follow me around.

That was 2 years and 3 months ago and now he is a very changed and successful person.

He became one of the most successful BH owner who recently set a Vietnam record in getting 2000 birds inside his small BH within 9 months.

He was very humble and keep stressing about how much he learned from me.

Among the many things that I saw on those slides was this piece of chandelier tweeter and he glued those fake nests on every tweeter.

He glued the fake nest onto the internal sound tweeter.

See what happen with the fake nest.

Those birds lock them onto the fake nest and their face is facing directly to the sound source.

Unbelievable and very insane idea.

 He did mentioned that he sprayed the fake nests with super pheromone.

Call me if you wanted to know more

Harry 0177551318.

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This is where you can use my expertise.

Give your BH a "medical" check up and get Harry to carry the inspection.

For every inspection you will be provided with a full diagnosis on your BH "health" status and how to get it back to normal.

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