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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Mobilization Plan for Kulim BH Revamp Operation !!!

(The tennel from the entrance window to the various floors)
After delivering a big chunk of the required items I set this Wednesday November 27th 2013 as my mobilization date.

Yesterday while back in SP I drove up to Kulim to deliver another car load of nesting planks covers.

Got about 600 pieces specially collected from Banting Selangor and personally delivered to the owner.

I took some time to be with the whole family and they are looking forward from my mobilization date.

I have a chance to have another look at their BH from the outside and this was the comment from one of his son:

"Pak Harry the birds seems to know that you are around.  The moment you turned up there are so many of them.  It must be you aura. " he was teasing me.

They harvested some fish from the pond surrounding the BH.

"Pak Harry you can have some to take home." he said.

I was glad to taste the fresh talapia fish with scale removed and ready for the frying pan.

I was fortunate that their fruit trees are full of varieties of rambutan, passion fruits and chempedak.

They are making sure that I have a bit of each in my car.

A very interesting family and I told them I will be arriving on Wednesday and I am sure their BH will be a better place for those birds.

While at the gate the young man have this to say:

"Pak Harry my Dad have agreed to revamp the whole four floors.  Can you work out the list of materials to be ship in as soon as you can?" I was taken by surprised.

Okay in that case I need to prolong the revamp operation from 2 weeks to maybe 3.5 weeks.

This is going to be a very long job.

I might need to shuttle up and down for at least three to four times to organize those additional items.

It was a good decision and I hope my revamp operation will turn around the BH.

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