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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some Photos From Miri Sarawak !!!

Message received from John of Miri Sarawak.  He was very delighted when after using my idea of super pheromone and fake nests works well in his BH.

Date: November 16th 2013.

Message number 1:

Hi Pak Harry, as promised I am sending the photos taken inside my BH this evening.  Happy to know that Swiftlet like the fake nests sprayed with Super Pheromone. Plus your SuperVac and Babyking showing more and more birds flying in and out of the BH each day. Inspiring !!!

Second message:

Thank you for sharing your ideas and valuable experiences in your blog.  I have learn a lot of new things from your blog. I tired your crazy ideas. Some does works some still waiting for result eg. fake nest made of steel plate.  Hahaha sound crazy bit who knows it may work later.  May God always bless you with good health and great success in your undertaking.

He send the following photos:

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