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Friday, August 8, 2014

Bullet Tweeter Attraction Showing Interesting Result !!!

(The use of Bullet Tweeter and three fake nests)

It was nothing so surprising to me.

Remember my idea of installing those titanium bullet tweeter plus three fake nests above them?

I entered the BH with the four sets a few days ago and I was pleased to see at least one bird that was very attracted to the bullet tweeter.

She seems to be flying from one fake nest to the other.

Among the four she love only one.

This is a good sign and I am sure once she settle on this tweeter the next will be choosing one of the other three tweeters.

Let us hope that within the next few weeks all the four will be with tenant(s).

If all the fake nests installed are occupied a total of 12 new nests will be created by this new idea.

Let's us look at 60% of the 12 pieces or 7 out of 12 will be a good result to me.

If all are taken I would recommend to all to use this special technique.

Will keep doing the observations and let all of you know the outcome.

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