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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Monkeys Are Damaging Those Figs Trees !!!

(This young shoot was plugged away by those monkeys)

Pretty upset to know that those young Figs trees at Kapar BH were being chewed by those wild monkeys.

The owner did warned me about the monkeys nuisance.

They seems to be roaming around the area and will eat anything chew able.

The best are those fruit trees and their young shoots.

This was what exactly happened with my Figs trees.

All those beautiful young shoots were plugged away and not the tree have to start all over again.

Disappointed but will not do harm to my spirit.

This time around I have decided to cover the trees with coconut tree leaves.

Cut about two for each plant and make it into a fence to protect the young shoots.

I pray hard that it will work.

If still eaten away, I might advise the owner to get those wires mesh to protect all the six young trees.

Let see what happen during my next trip to this BH.

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