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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Mystery At Lubuk U Ulu Jempul, Maran !!!

(The signboard just at the junction to the waterfall of Lubuk U)

This story was my recollection after listening to someone I knew and staying about 2 kilometers away from the Lubuk U.

Lubuk U is just a simple place where you can go for a dip during your free time.

Lubuk is a Malay word for something deep in a river or stream.

In this particular case the shape of the so call deep area is a U shape.

There was nothing unusual about the place until more than 14 people were said to have died within two weeks after conducting a rescue operation searching for the dead  body of a man.

The first lot of 7 died within one week after the rescue and search operation while the rest happened a week later.

This was sometime in July 2010.

An article from Utusan Melayu (translated version):

 BEFORE this, name Lubuk Yu recreational forest in Maran may be little known outside the county's population, let alone visitors Pahang.The recreation area was known to the Maran to relax after a hard day's work at the weekend.Its close proximity to Felda Jengka and Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) campus Treasures Nature, Jengka make this recreation area is quite crowded on weekends when he visited the settlers and university students.Another fairly well-known recreation area for residents of the district is Teladas Recreational Forest.Name Lubuk Yu recreational forest is quite unique in that it may be due to the effects of waterfall-shaped letter U.But for the LUBUK Yu recreational forest quite a bit messy when visitors had to pass through a rubber plantation about two kilometers from the main road.Visitors from outside the area can have a good Maran Maran-Jerantut Road or City Road Upper Felda Jengka-LUBUK Jempol to Yu.Near the recreation area there is a Jempol Upper Water Plant at the foot of Mount Chain.However, the sudden name LUBUK Yu recreational forest become the main talking point of people from all over the country.Everything is mysterious death of six men after they were involved in a search and rescue personnel Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) who drowned in the recreation area on 26 and 30 June.Those who died were Azizam Abdullah, 58, Timothy Hoo Seng Heng, 29, Lim Sin Lai, 55, Mohd. Ali Abdullah, 60, Zakaria Ayub, 52, and Zainal Abidin Ismail, 56. All involved in the rescue operation drowning victim, Mohd. Azizam Azhar, 28. earlier.Following the sudden death, the various assumptions arise until the matter beyond the ability of the mind to think.There are those who believe that the death was due to the recreation area that is quite 'hard.'The six men were said to disturb the area until their waiting angered.Supposedly, the area was guarded by a long-haired woman who is said to be found by one of the victims who died.Whatever argument people over the incident, the Ministry of Health has identified the cause of death due to all the victims of melioidosis bacterial infection 'and leptospirosis (rat urine).In addition to the six deaths, 83 people were infected rat urine also causes the authorities to take drastic action center closes immediately picnic for two months for cleaning purposes.Population unknowingly spread of bacteria after six deaths began last July 3 and on July 8, involving local people aged between 29 and 60 years.

Pak Harry what I heard from a very closed friend whose father was one of the victim was like this:

Lubuk U used to be very special to weekend picnic lovers. 

However it seems that many youngsters are using the place for hideout for young lovers.

They have tainted the place having sex with no regards to those "Bunian" people.

One day a swimmer was dragged into the "Lubuk" and his body was not found.

This was when the search and rescue team came to help in searching for the dead man body.

During the rescue and searched operation a number of these people use bamboo with sharp end.  

The bamboo stick were use to climb and poke holes on the ground to search for the dead body.

All those who used the sharp bamboo were said to be mysteriously died after the rescue operation.

One of the victim was taken to Temerloh hospital and he was breathing nearly 3 times faster than a normal person.

He was hospitalized and unfortunately died in the hospital.

After removing his body the ward was said to be experiencing weird events.

Many patients started to get into hysteria and a bomoh (witch doctor) was called to remove so called "Spirit" causing those events.

The best was when a "Bomoh" was asked to pray at the picnic area ie Lubuk U.

During his chanting, praying and throwing of some kind of flowers into the water you can see a big number of fish surface as if wanted to see what was happening.

The irony of it all was that the Bomoh who did the chanting or praying died a few days later.

Very weird and difficult to explain.

The total number of people died was more than 14 while the official report was only 7 people.

There was this Indian guy who joined in during the search and rescue operation.

He was so sure that he will be next on line.

Everyday we can see him praying at the Indian Temple nearby.

He was so terrified that he will be the next person going to be joining the rest. 

He was lucky to be alive till today. 

After listening to this story I choose not to go near to the stream.

I am scared too.

I only pass the junction when I wanted to buy some fresh water from those water dispensers for my workers.

Very eerie and scary. 

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