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Friday, August 2, 2013

More Insect When Those Palm Oil Trees Were Taken Down !!!!

 (Palm Oil Trees Taken Down For Replanting Operation)

One serious observation made during my daily trip from Kemaman town to a BH at Cenih was the number of birds hovering over a piece of land whose palm oil plants were taken down.

The owner must have decided to replant the old specie with a new one or maybe the production of fruits by these oldies are no longer profitable.

Usually when they pull down these palm out trees they will in fact chopped up the trunk and the leaves.

During my closed inspection of the left over chunks I saw these beetles and maggots flourishing on those soft part of the tree the shoots.

The top part of the tree have these young shoot that will start to decay and become moist.

This was the area where these small beetles reproduced.

There will be a few million maggots transforming into flying insects and I am sure there were more than one type of beetles and perhaps fruit flies.

Have a good look at the photos taken plus a video clip taken.

We learn something every day and this is something that a swiftlet farmer must know.

 (The tree trunks were broken into small pieces of chunks)
 (The soft part or shoot when rot will attract insects to breed)
 (Found this wet area)

(Lots of young beetles and maggots)

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